About us

Serta Company was founded in 1993, with basic activities in trade and export of frozen meat.

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Serta Company has its own refrigerated storehouse where it stores frozen and fresh meat.

Slaughter house
The slaughter house Serta Company is located in Macedonia
Address: Betovenova No. 10, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

The slaughter house Serta Company is located in Macedonia in a town in the central region of Macedonia called Kavadarci. The Slaughter house has a yard place of 10 000 squared meters of which 3 500 squared meters are constructional buildings. As a major success was getting the registry export number for the slaughter house (number 52) for export of fresh lamb, sheep, and goat meat for the European market.

    • Lambs are carefully selected from first class farmer location on the territory of Republic of Macedonia.
    • Slaughter house Serta Company has successfully implemented the HACCP system for production of safe and healthy food.
    • Our primary objective is to provide customers high quality and safe meat